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Project 2

Four Icon Challenge: A Visual Rhetorical Analysis



This project comprises two major elements. First, you will compose a 500-word visual, retorical analysis of either a comic strip, an art exhibit or a video advertisement through a focused critical lens (gender, race, privilege). Second, you will contribute these insights to a group presentation. Together, your group will develop and deliver a collaborative analysis of this exact same visual subject, through the same critical lens. The final product of this group presentation will be your group's response to the “Four Icon Challenge” in which your group will collectively select four icons to symbolize how your chosen visual subject is functioning rhetorically.



Individual 500wd Analysis Due: Week 4.

Group Presentations Due: Weeks 5.


Note: Your work for this project will be supported by readings by Nussbaum, Sedgwick, X, Alexie, Anzaldua, and McCloud, as well as visual rhetoric lectures on Kara Walker, Judy Chicago and the NYT Comic Artists. Additionally, individual writing assignments on select readings and lectures, and daily in-class exercises in the analysis of single-frame images will support your learning process. This project will rely on an understanding of Kyle Tezak’s Four Icon Challenge, and will involve a mandatory visit to OU’s Kennedy Museum.






1. Individual Analysis: 500 wds.


In this brief paper you will individually analyze your chosen subject thoroughly, using one rhetorical term and a critical lens. Each member in your gorup will select a unique rhetorical term to focus their analysis upon while considering terms and ideas from our paired readings (ideology, identity, consumption, genre, form). You will be requred to utilize and correctly cite one researched source to inform this focused analysis. You will be responsible for drawing upon the content of this paper in your contributions to your group presentation, and for contributing one Icon from Tezak’s webpage to symbolize this individual, focused analysis.



2.15 Minute Group Presentation and 200 wd Reflection.


In this short presentation, each group member is responsible for contributing equally to a concise analysis of your chosen subject involving 3-4 rhetorical terms. As a group, you will develop and deliver a 15 minute multimedia presentation that familiarizes the class with your chosen subject, and then guides them through your collective visual, rhetorical analysis through your critical lens. This presentation should culminate in your group's delivery of a collaborative thesis addressing the larger critical implications of your subject's rhetoric. You need to tell us why we should care. Why does any of this matter? You will be evaluated on the balance of contributions from each group member, and the depth of analysis your group conveys within the allotted time limit.  At the end of your presentation you should display the 3-4 icons you have chosen to meet the "Four Icon Challenge" and represent your group’s rhetorical analysis of its subject. After your presentation, each member of your group will submit a 200wd Reflection on their contributions to the project, and the balance of shared work involved.




3. Responses to Group Presentations:


During group presentations you will be responsible for evaluating and critiquing one other group as a member of the audience. You will be provided with an evaluation form to complete based on a brief rubric, and asked to add any additional visual rhetorical analysis of the presented text that you understand but was missed by the group you review.






1. Choose your subject from the provided list of options.

2. I will place you in a group of peers with a shared interest in a subject and critical lens.

3. Compose your focused rhetorical analysis individually.

4. Meet with your group and develop a holistic analysis and a group thesis addressing wider implications.

5. Build your multimedia group presentation and select your four icons. 

6. Deliver your group presentation and collaborative analysis to class.










P2 Week 1: Before we begin this project on Monday, groups of 3-4 will be assigned by me based on subject of interest. Read “Vocabulary of Comics” by Scott McCloud and become familiar with Kyle Sedgewick’s 4 Icon Challenge via his website. The following Monday you will each be asked to bring with you two options from a comic, exhibit or ad that your group could use for project 2. In class you will 1. Vote as a group to select your subject for analysis. 2. Each select one rhetorical lens you will be in charge of in your individual and then group analysis. Readings in Nussbaum and Sedgwick.



P2 Week 2: Class visit to Kennedy Museum Monday (The last day for any changes to chosen group subject for analysis!) Lectures on Walker, Chicago, NYT Comics, readings in CRAP, Nautilus' "Gendered Walk" article. 



P2 Week 4: Individual Rhetorical Analysis due. Introduction of Project 3. Meet with groups in class. Meet outside of class over the weekend.



P2 Week 5: Group Presentations. Readings leading up to Project 3. Individual evaluations of group presentations due the following Monday.

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