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Memorial Hall
Cincinnati, OH
February 7, 2019
Be Witched Art + Poetry Series
Nashville, TN,
Jan 19, 2019
NonfictioNow Conference
Phoenix, AZ,
Nov 1-3, 2018
LitYoungstown Conference
Youngstown, OH 
Sept, 2018
AWP Conference
Tampa, FL,
March, 2018
American Scandinavian Foundation
Reykjavik, Iceland 
June-August, 2017
NonfictioNow Conference
Reykjavik, Iceland 
June, 2017
Blue Mark Studios
Atlanta, GA
March 3, 2017
NonfictioNow Conference
Flagstaff, AZ,
October, 2016
AWP Conference
Washington, DC,
February, 2017
AWP Conference
Minneapolis, MN,
April, 2015
Photo by Ellee Prince_

A text installation entitled 

"Beasts of the Interior: Visual Essays."

A reading for The Cincinnati Review's Launch
Party for Issue 15.2
Shrimp cocktail.jpg

SHRIMP COCKTAIL, a Literary Performance

with poetry  by Richard Harper, Kiely Sweatt, and Chet Weise and performance art by Laura Cavaliere.

Panelist + Organizer: “Digital Textiles: Stitching Nonfiction”

with Cori Winrock, Christine Wilks, and Kascha Semonovitch.    


Panelist: “Graphic Materialities”

with Christine Hume, Lily Hoang, Nicholas Muellner, and

Catherine Taylor.

Organizer: “The Dimensional Essay: A Reading and Performance of Multiform Nonfiction" (offsite at Crescent Ballroom)

Dimensional image instagram.jpg

Panelist: “Editing the Essay: Innovative Nonfiction”

with Zach Savich and Thomas Mira y Lopez.                                       

Panelist, “Whispering Essays”                

with Joey Franklin, Shawn Wen, Joe Bonomo, and Elena Passarello.


Panelist, “Essaying Beyond the Page” 

with Sarah Einstein, John Bresland, Gretchen E. Henderson.


A two month Research Fellowship to study connections between language, literature and landscape.

Panelist + Organizer: “Kinetic Pages in the U.S. and Iceland: A Discussion and Performance of International Multiform Nonfiction”                                  

with Noam Dorr, Sarah Rose Nordgren, Amanda Gardnier, and Amaris Ketcham.


A collaborative group art show from The Doppler Collective based on Minor's lyric

essay "Chute."

Panelist, “The New Normal in Nonfiction: Diverse Voices from TNS”  with Matthew Komatsu, Jaclyn Moyer and Jericho Parms.             

Organizer + Panelist: “The Dimensional Essay: A Reading

and Performance of Multiform Nonfiction”

with Lindsey Drager, Lawrence Lenhart, Elena Passarello

(offsite at The Weatherford Hotel)                     


Panelist: “The Essay as Ruin”                                                              

with Lindsey Drager and Kristen Radtke                                                      

The Dimens-essay poster draft 4 copy.jpg

Panelist + Organizer: “The Essay Blinks”

with Amaranth Borsuk, Mark Ehling, and Eric Lemay

the essay blinks 2.jpg
AWP Conference
San Antonio, TX,
March 4-7, 2020


Panelist: “Third Language: Rethinking Text + Image Assignments for the Workshop."

With Katy Didden, Saara Myrene Raapana, Kristen Radtke, Kelcey Ervick. 

09:00: AM–10:15: AM

Room 213, Henry B. González Convention Center, Meeting Room Level



Visit to University of Nebraska
Kearney, NE,
Oct 5-17, 2019

A reading and text installation of Persistence of the Bonyleg: Annotated in partnership with the University of Nebraska Symphony's performance of Peter & The Wolf, narrated by Brad Modlin.



&Now Conference
Bothell, WA, 
September 27-30, 2019

Panelist + Organizer: “The Several Lives of the Multimedia Essay"

with Raj Chakrapani, Noam Dorr, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, Cori Winrock, 

"Home is a Flame Surrounded" was a text installation displayed alongside other exhibits in the Mobius Gallery at Cascadia University.



AWP Conference
Portland, OR,
March 27-30, 2019

Reading: Monster Mags of the Midwest (offsite at The Spare Room)


Panelist: “Ecstatic Ekphrastic: When Images Are More Than Inspiration”

with Maria Romasco Moore, Kelcey Ervick, Bianca Stone, and DJ Parsons.


Reading: The Ohio University Alumni & Friends Reading  (offsite at Cup & Bar)                                                                                                       

Trissolini Gallery
Athens, OH, 
March 19-23, 2019
The Polymorphous  Essay
An  Essay Daily Salon
Oct 30, 2020
University of Arizona Alumni Reaching
Oct 22, 2020
Virtual Book Release
Bright Archive
Hosted by Mac's Backs
November  7th, 2020

Recording of a conversation with essayists Bethany Maile and Ander Monson.


UA image.jpg

Release event for Bright Archive from Rescue Press, with Caryl Pagel, editor at Rescue and author of Out of Nowhere Into Nothing



Virtual Reading with Free Association @ City of Asylum
December 6th, 2020, 5PM
Virtual Reading at
White Whale Books
January 22, 2020, 6PM
Keynote Address
Oct 10, 2020
Creative Writing Studies
City of Asylum Flyer
Space is time.png

Reading and performance with  Candace Opper and Aisha Sabatini Sloan for the release of Opper's book Certain and Impossible Events 


Cabin reading.jpg
Polymorphous essay.jpg
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