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Elsewhere known as the graphic narrative, video essay, concrete poem, typographic tale, artist's book, public art text, prose graffiti, docu-poem, erasure, fluxus kit, illuminated manuscript, text-ile, illustrated encyclopedia, text collage, poetry-comic, cantastoria, cranky, etc., visual writing is not a new practice, but one with many names that span disciplines. This page features an expanding list of makers and works that combine image + text across genres and media, and the venues that seek to feature them. These resources are gathered for the purpose of dissemination, collaboration, and web-making.


Note: This year the visual writing resources list is moving away from featuring individual makers and working instead to feature specific works and venues. We are in the process of making the list searchable by category, such as "video," "erasure," "interactive," or "textile". Check back soon....

a visual writing resource list

Still from Territory.png

Arcade Fire. The Wilderness Downtown.

Abel, Jordan,  Injun

Akhtar, Sascha Aurora , Not Been Seen As Such, Icefloe Press.

Amezcua, Eloisa, several Concrete Poems.

Astronomical and Astrological Treatises, 16thc (volvelles and charts)


Bantjes, Marian. I Wonder. Interview at Essay Daily

Bates, Gabrielle, Poetry Comics and Visual Reviews.

Bervin, Jen. Projects like The Gorgeous Nothings Edition and The Dickinson Composite Series

Bashir, Samiya, Field Theories.

Beaulieu, Derek, Aperture, Pentaract Press

Bertram,  Lillian-Yvonne. Travesty Generator,  Noemi Press

Bird, Amelia R. Walden Marginalia

Biondolillo, Chelsea. "On Shells.", The Skinned Bird

The Black Box Poetry  Magazine  on Casette

Books of Hours

Borsuk, Amaranth. Between Page and Screen


Browning, Annah, Ben Gemmel, and Brooke Wonders, 

Heloise & Wulf.

Bui, Thi, "Fear is a Great Motivator for Political Action," The Nib, History as Art, Art as History.

Campbell, Allison, Encyclopédie of the Common & Encompassing

Carson, Anne, Bianca Stone, and Robert Currie. Antigonick.


Carroll, Tobias. "On the Future of the American Essay, How Film and Poetry are Changing the Form--And Vice Versa."

Celt, Adrianne, poetry comics.

Chakaroborty, Sumita, three concrete poems.

Charles, Jos, feeld

Chen, Julie and Flying Fish Press

Cheng, Jennifer S. Invocation, New Michigan Press.

Choi, Don Mee, poet and visual artist.

Collins, Katie. "The Materiality of Resarch: Woven into the Fabric of the Text: Subversive Material Metaphors in Academic Writing."


Crowe, Stephen. Wake in Progress

The Diagram, journal of text and art.

Didden, Katy, "The Lava on Iceland".

Dodoson, Zach. "The Fox"

Dorr, Noam, Love Drones.

Dozal, Gabriel, "The Crosser's are Plural" and other works.

Drucker, Johannna. The Visible Word.

Earl, Amanda, Amanda Luvz Vispo , The Book of Mark

Ehling, Mark, Poetry Comics.

Entre Ríos Books, collaborations between writers and visual artists.


Fletcher, Hattie. On Amaris Ketcham's "Recorded Lightning."

Fluxus Editions.

Fowler, SJ, artist and visual poet.

Fonograf Editions

Fujimoto Naoko, Trans. Sensory, Tupelo Press.

Gelman, Annelyse, The Center

Ghost Proposal.

Gillard, Briony. An Exploration of Verbivocovisual Borders and Margins. 

Gladman, Renee, Prose Architectures, Calamities, and other works.

Hak Kyung Cha, Theresa, Dictee, The Dream of the Audience, among other works

Hannigan, Catie, What Once Was There Is the Most Beautiful Thing, New Michigan Press.

Haworth, Kevin, The Comics of Rutu Modan: War, Love, and Secrets.

Hawkins, Paul aka Bob Modem. Poetry and visual arts.

Henderson, Gretchen. Galerie de Difformité. Interview at Essay Daily

Herbert, George. "Easter Wings."

Hill, Craig and Nico Vassilakis, The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008

Hoffman, Ava, "Trap Poetics", Action Books.

Holten, Katie. About Trees. 

Howe, Susan, Debths, concrete poems.

Hume, Christine, Question Like a  Face.

Illuminated Bibles

Image-Text Ithaca

Image Text, Interdisciplinary Comics Studies

Johns, Jasper, and Samuel Beckett. Fiorades/Fizzles.

Kaldron Magazine Online

Kearney, Douglas, “Freedom of Shadow: A Tribute to Terry Adkins,"

and many other works.

Kempton, Karl visual poetry

Ketcham, Amaris. “Recorded Lightning.”

Knight, James, visual poetry.

Lemay, Eric. "The Killer Bee." "Drive, he said."

Lima, Natalie, "Fat Girl Cries Herself to Sleep at Night," Longreads.

Long Soldier, Layli. Whereas, (including He Sápa), Star Quilt

Longhorn, Sandy, "The Aftermath,"  "Prospect of Opportunity"

Lopez, Alan Pelaez, Intergalactic Travels: poems from a fugitive alien, The Operating System

Luster, Deborah  & C.D. Wright, One Big Self.

Maione, Nick, "The Giant, The Saint, The Magpie," TriQuarterly  Video.


Meir, Victor H. Painting and Performance 


Miller, Nora Claire. Poet / digital humanities.

Monson, Ander. "Design as Essay." "I've Been Thinking About Snow"

Morgan, Saretta, Plan Upon ArrivalSelva Oscura Press

Moore, Alyssa N., “When”/“i’m hysterical”/“i can’t stop thinking about”/“representations”

Moore, Dinty W. Mr. Plimpton's Revenge.

Moore, Maria Romasco, Ghostographs

Motion Poems

Muellner,  Nicholas. In Most Tides an Island.

Nordgren, Sarah Rose and Kathleen Kelley. “Territory.”

Ong, Monica, Silent Anatomies.

Parsons, Dustin, Exploded View.

Patchen, Kenneth, Painted Poems.

Papachristodoulou, Astra, Object Poems, "Labyrinth," and many more.

Paquette, Sophie, "House: A Sonnet: A Palinode," TriQuarterly Video.

Pleiades Press Visual Poetry Series

Poetry Foundation Editor's Prize for Visual  Poetry (est 2019)

Randall, Jessy How to Tell If You Are Human.

Radtke, Kristen. "How the graphic novel became an outlet for female shame," The Guardian, "23 Female Cartoonists On Drawing Their Bodies."

Rankine, Claudia. Don't Let Me Be Lonely.

Ree, Silje. Artist and Poet.

Reed, Justin Phillip, Indecency.

Reufle, Mary. Erasures and Beyond Sunset. 

Ross, Leslie, Language in the Visual  Arts: The Interplay of Text and Image

Rowe, Sam. "Fantasies of Contact: Erica Baum, Susan Howe and the  Poetics  of Paper".

Roxas-Chua, Sam, Echolalia in Script.

Ryan, Sara. "Search For."

Safran Foer, Jonathan. Tree of Codes.

Sapigao, Janice Lobo, like a solid to a shadow, Nightboat Books.

Saporta, Mark. Composition No. 1.

Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis.

Semonovich, Kascha, Essays and Work.

Shimoda, Brandon, The  Grave on the Wall, and several other works

Smith, Jessica, "Women of Visual Poetry: An Introduction"

Sloat, S.J., Hotel Almighty.

Solnit, Rebecca. Atlas Series.

Spiegelman, Art. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale.

Stone, Bianca. Poetry Comics from the Book of Hours. Interview at Essay Daily.

Strom, Dao. Musician, poet, visual artist. Instrument (Fonograf Editions, 2020)

Synapse International, an international poetry gathering

Tamayo,  Jennifer,  video artist and poet.

Telling, Katy, "The Thrill."

Text-Image Converter Tool

Thirlwell, Adam. Kapow!

Ulmer, Spring, "Steel Trees," TriQuarterly Video.

Villarreal, Vanessa Angélica. Beast Meridian.

Visual Editions

Voyant, a text analytics tool

Ware, Chris. Building Stories, Rusty Brown, among other works

Washuta, Elissa, concrete and visual poems.

Weinberg, Tali. Various embroidery projects.

White, Derek, Include Yourself in the Experiment, Diagram.

Wiesenthal, Christine, Brad Bucknell, and W. J. T. Mitchell "Essays into the Imagetext: An Interview with W. J. T. Mitchell"

Wilks, Christine, Fitting the Pattern.

Wilson, Keith  S.  Game Design  and Interactive Poems.

Winrock, Cori, "Variants on the Moon," Territory Lit.

Wixwo, Quintan Ana. "SONDERBAUTEN: Rape as War Crime."

Wong, Jane, Afer Preparing the Altar the Ghosts Feast Feverishly.

Young, Avery, Neck/Bone

Zwartjes, Arianne, Detailing Trauma


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The VWR list recognizes that the literary tradition of text-and-image has often been the practice of erasing these works from the canon. We acknowledge lists and list-making as forms of argument, of genre definition, of almanac, of keeping in and leaving out. Rather than completeness, this project strives for an ever-expanding push against the limits of genre, category,  archive, and institution. We are interested in a people's list, not an academy's. Each recommendation to the list will be added within seven days. We encourage links to free and open sources. Entries will be limited to one line per maker or venue, with multiple works included.  Please acknowledge or cite the list when appropriate. If you have feedback about the project, or about how the new search function labels individual works, please send a note using the above form.

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