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resources for making and teaching visual writing

Elsewhere known as the graphic/video/concrete/typographic essay, the artist's book, the public art text, prose graffiti, fluxus kit, illuminated manuscript, concrete poetry, encyclopedia, cantastoria, visual writing is not a new genre, just one with many names and little streamlining between disciplines. These texts pair language with visual elements that do the work of illustration, context, storytelling, and critical analysis. This webspace is, in part, an inclusive place for collecting and honoring those who make and teach this work. A project that begins over at Essay Daily.

Arcade Fire. The Wilderness Downtown.


Bantjes, Marian. I Wonder. Interview at Essay Daily

Bervin, Jen. Projects like The Gorgeous Nothings Edition and The Dickinson Composite Series

Bird, Amelia R. Walden Marginalia

Biondolillo, Chelsea. "On Shells."

Borsuk, Amaranth. Between Page and Screen


Browning, Annah, Ben Gemmel, and Brooke Wonders, 

Heloise & Wulf.

Campbell, Allison, Encyclopédie of the Common & Encompassing

Carson, Anne, Bianca Stone, and Robert Currie. Antigonick.


Carroll, Tobias. "On the Future of the American Essay, How Film and Poetry are Changing the Form--And Vice Versa."

Collins, Katie. "The Materiality of Resarch: Woven into the Fabric of the Text: Subversive Material Metaphors in Academic Writing."

Crowe, Stephen. Wake in Progress

Didden, Katy, The Lava on Iceland.

Dodoson, Zach. "The Fox"

Drucker, Johannna. The Visible Word.

Fletcher, Hattie. On Amaris Ketcham's "Recorded Lightning."

Fluxus Editions.

Henderson, Gretchen. Galerie de Difformité. Interview at Essay Daily

Herbert, George. "Easter Wings."

Holten, Katie. About Trees. 

Johns, Jasper, and Samuel Beckett. Fiorades/Fizzles.

Ketcham, Amaris. “Recorded Lightning.”

Lemay, Eric. "The Killer Bee." "Drive, he said."


Meir, Victor H. Painting and Performance 

Monson, Ander. "Design as Essay." Letter to a Future Lover.

Moore, Dinty. Mr. Plimpton's Revenge.

Nordgren, Sarah Rose and Kathleen Kelley. “Territory.”

Patchen, Kenneth, Painted Poems.

Randall, Jessy How to Tell If You Are Human.

Radtke, Kristen. Imagine Wanting Only This.

Rankine, Claudia. Don't Let Me Be Lonely.

Reufle, Mary. Beyond Sunset. 

Safran Foer, Jonathan. Tree of Codes.

Saporta, Mark. Composition No. 1.

Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis.

Semonovich, Kascha, Essays and Work.

Siglio Press. Feminist Portal Archives

Solnit, Rebecca. Atlas Series.

Spiegelman, Art. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale.

Stone, Bianca. Poetry Comics. Interview at Essay Daily.

Territory Lit

Thirlwell, Adam. Kapow!

Ware, Chris. Building Stories.

Weinberg, Tali. Various embroidery projects.