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CHUTE, a collaborative show from The Doppler Collective. March 3rd, 2017 Blue Mark Studios, Atlanta,

Press Release:

CHUTE is an interdisciplinary exhibition in which performance, video, and visual artists have created works in direct response to Sarah Minor’s essay with the same title. Minor’s essay collages historical and informational texts, splitting each paragraph into two via a “chute” of centralized text. Minor defines chute as passageway, hiding place, descending, while reminding us of its role as status symbol and of our own relationship with desire and lack thereof.

The artists selected for response approach these themes related to the meanings Minor defines in their own personal practice.

– Featured Artists-

Jessica Caldas

Krista Clark

Meta Gary

Andy Jackson

Vanessa Jagodinsky

Elham Masoudi

Steve Morrison

Sarah Minor

Jordan Stubbs

and….** a secret EMERGENCY artist **

Sarah in an interview with Doppler:

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